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BAWA ( Bali Animal Welfare Association)




BAWA is a not-for-profit charity registered in Indonesia.

Its goal  is to improve animal welfare in Bali by  reducing stray/street dog numbers and reducing animal suffering through humane sterilization programs, through rescue work and education programs in schools.

Based in Ubud and founded in 2004 by Ms Janice Girardi ,an American born Expatriate who has lived in Bali for 30 years
She has a jewellery manufacturing business  with over 200 employees.

Since 2010 , The Team has been the linchpin in the island's Rabies vaccinating programme.

In 2010, the previously rabies free island suffered a rabies epidemic, where over 200 people died as a result of rabid dog bites .
It is highly probable that the rabies virus was introduced via a dog that came across by boat from Flores island of Indonesia.

The BAWA team has been responsible for lobbying the Government , and for the mass vaccinating dogs on the island. We are  supported by Ausaid and WHO has assisted in the lobbying process.

Up till now, 400000 dogs have been vaccinated.

The team has also been teaching the Government Vets to carry out the dog catching and vaccinating procedure.




  1. A School education program staffed by 2 Full time Vets that encompasses almost 100 schools in the Western half of Bali. The 2 Vets travel with all their educational resiurces on a motorcycle ( to save costs ) and Edicvate children about animal welfare.

  2. A 24 hour emergency van staffed by 1 Vet and 1 Nurse that services  parts of Bali.
    Average 14 calls over 24 hours  They attend to injuries , vehicular accidents  and poisonings. Animals attended  to  include cats,dog,monkeys, wildlife and dolphins. This resource is overstretched and is unable to service  every call as thye islkand is too big to be only swerviced by one van. Tourists  make up a large percentage of callers. There is a huge need for more funding to have more vans on the road.

  3. A 24 hour  clinic  staffed by 2 vets and 2 Vet nurses that rescues , treats  desexes and  rehomes  stray kittens and puppies that cannot fend for themselves on the street.

  4. ABC AR ( animal birth control) mobile  Desexing and rabies vaccinating team  that travels in a van to  remote areas villages in the west side of Bali. The van is staffed by 2 Vets and 2 vet nurse/dogcatchers.


This van is funded by The Bali Street Fund Australia(BSDF) and a small group of  volunteers( Headed by Ms Sue Warren of Melbourne who raise funds within Australia for this project  who regularly travel to Bali.

Average 20-40 desexings per day and 20 consultations with villagers pets.






Training of the BAWA Vets to perform desexing on juvenile pups and kittens , to ensure no puppies and kittens adopted from the clinic are rehomed undesexed.

Training of the Vets in Emergency Van to assess  injured animals, treat wounds and injuries  and poisonings .  Develop skills to diagnose and  develop prognosis  for humane decision making.

Vets taught to treat skin cases properly ,including good diagnostic procedures such as performing and reading skin and ear cytology.

Management and diagnosis of all the common ear and skin diseases.

Management and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

Treatment of common emergencies that are presented.

Creation of Hospital charts and medical and surgical , amaesthetic ptotocols.

Develop patient care protocols.
Continued training of the Vets in desexing van to improve skills , improve follow up of cases.


Mentoring the Vets and Ms Girardi in the area of  Policymaking ,management of staff and writing of Veterinary and nursing protocols.


Assisting the Vets via email and phone  with medical and surgical management of specific cases.


Recruiting, interviewing and screening and mentoring of volunteers who wish to volunteer at BAWA.


Designing and  assisting in the renovation and building of a new clinic.

The new facility will enable the staff to have 3 high standard quarantine rooms, an isolation ward, healthy pens and a catward.

The new facility will allow separation of  the healthy animals from the quarantined animals as well as a separate room for doing private consultations.



Assisted in the writing of protocols and policies ( puppy and kitten care, anaesthetic protocols, patient care, hospital standards, quarantine , patient pre and post surgical care, juvenile desexing protocols, skin cases, gastroenterology, nutrition, humane euthanasia).




Currently setting up of a database to record all information about puppies and kittens that are rescued   re geography,location, socio -economic divide and track down problem areas in Bali.

If BAWA may be able to identify problem areas and redirect and refocus  the desexing van and education van in certain areas
Adopted pups to be followed up to see if the education programme has been successful on terms of animal care and welfare.

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