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China train the trainers project  (ABC AR- animal birth control- antirabies).


  • Dr Elaine Ong has volunteered with her nurses and vets  since 2009

  • Programme involves hand on surgical training of the Chinese vets in Guangzhou Beijing Dalian and Shenzen to perform professional and humane desexing surgeries on stray cats and dogs  ( ABC AR - animal birth control and anti rabies)

  • Training involves  gentle handling techniques, the use of good general anaesthetics and use of pain relief

  • The flank spey approach is taught  for stray animals, which is safer for stray animals

  • This project is done in collaboration with the respective Provincial Governments , the local Veterinary associations and the animal welfare associations in China

  • The mission is to  promote dog and cat desexing in the community , through education  of the  benefits of ABC AR  and to  lobby the Chinese provincial governments to sustain  an ABC AR programme for the sake of animal welfare and public health

  • In  2011 we were invited to contribute to the Beijing Government's  humane euthanasia policy for animals

  • The programme has been welcomed and is spreading to various provinces and rural areas

  • The  ultimate goal is sustainability  , by selecting and training good chinese Vets who will become trainers

  • To date., we have selected 9 Chinese trainers who are now embarking on training projects in Wei County and Dalian on their own without the need of  our presence

  • As the number of trainers  increase , more Vets can be trained

  • IF ABC AR work is widely adopted , the stray animal population should decrease

  • The goal is to have 70% of stray cats and dogs desexed and vaccinated.

  • Upon achieving  this the population growth of stray animals  should be  halted and rabies eliminated

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