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Dr Pia Hayat

Veterinary Surgeon &aUltrasonographer
Graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2002 with first class honours.
Practice Experience:  Worked as a General Practitioner extensively across Melbourne, Perth
and the U.K in both mixed and small animal practice, treating a variety of animals from
Chinchillas in Oxford, to Welsh ponies in Bridgend and Great Danes in Perth!
Special interests are diagnostic imaging (ultrasonography) & soft tissue surgery and further post graduate study undertaken includes Distance Education courses in Sonology (2010) & Surgery (2007) through Sydney University.

Pet: The irreplaceable Popeye, a one-eyed white male American Bulldog Staffy cross, my best
mate and companion, who has been by my side for over 11 years and shared many adventures.

Personal interests: Mountain bike riding, tennis, hiking, reading, horse riding, dog walking.

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