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Dr. Pia Hayat BVSc Hons
Veterinary Surgeon & Ultrasonographer
Graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2002 with first class honours.
Practice Experience:  Worked as a General Practitioner extensively across Melbourne, Perth
and the U.K in both mixed and small animal practice, treating a variety of animals from
Chinchillas in Oxford, to Welsh ponies in Bridgend and Great Danes in Perth.
Special interests are diagnostic imaging (ultrasonography) soft tissue surgery and further post graduate study undertaken includes Distance Education courses in Sonology (2010) & Surgery (2007) through Sydney University.

Pet: The irreplaceable Popeye, a one-eyed white male American Bulldog Staffy cross, my best
mate and companion, who has been by my side for over 11 years and shared many adventures.

Personal interests: Mountain bike riding, tennis, hiking, reading, horse riding, dog walking.

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