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Dr. James Torode

Dr. Kate Colclough

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Dr. James Taylor

Dr. Ann Hansen

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Rose has been a full time veterinary nurse since 1990. She is a dedicated and compassionate nurse with over 25 years of extensive surgical and medical nursing experience with cats and dogs.

When she joined Box Hill Veterinary Hospital in 2008 she also brought with her 6 years of nursing experiences gained at an exotic pet clinic.  Rose is passionate about native animals, and is often seen nursing orphaned native animals in small pouches. Rose has her own array of reptiles and 2 rescued cats’ birds and a dog.

As our senior surgical nurse, her love and compassion for animals shows with the care she gives to all our patients.



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Kerrie has an interesting and diverse career path. From working as a veterinary nurse after graduating from high school, she diverged to office administration and book keeping. But her preference for veterinary nursing saw her returning to the veterinary industry. When she joined Box Hill Veterinary Hospital in 2004 Kerrie brought with her more than 8 years of nursing experience. A highly valued member of the team, Kerrie loves the contact with patients and their families whilst they are visiting our clinic. She also enjoys the challenge of being accomplished in surgical and clinical work in addition to a wide range of administrative work. Her animal family consists of a Bourkes parrot called Penny, and a cat called Lola. Outside of work, Kerrie enjoys outdoor activities.


When Kristy joined Box Hill Veterinary Hospital in 2010 she already had 10 years of veterinary nursing experience. She undertook studies for her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing whilst working full time, and gained her qualification in 2014. Kristy’s previous work experience in the retail industry is perhaps the reason why she relates so well with the clients. She takes time to answer the clients’ queries re their pets, and is truly dedicated to looking after the patients. Asked why she liked working at the clinic, Kristy lists the supportive working environment, the clients, and the diversity of work in reception, surgery and general nursing as important factors. Outside of work, Kristy enjoys caring for Ruby, her Red Heeler; and supporting Hawthorn Football Club.


Shelley has had an interesting career path in graphic design and administration , and attributes her change to veterinary nursing to her great love and affinity with animals.  She started nursing  in 2015 and loves being involved in surgery, general nursing as well as attending to reception duties at Box Hill Veterinary Hospital.

Shelley fills her busy life with studying towards Certificate IV Vet Nursing, and recently also started her own cat rescuing organisation.  Her family includes 2 cats ( both rescued) named Pud and Marjorie.


Adele has always loved animals, and switched to become a veterinary nurse in 1995 when the opportunity appeared.  She enjoyed surgery and general nursing duties.  She left after several years to raise a family and restarted her vet nursing career at Box Hill Veterinary Hospital in 2015, regaining her skills in surgery and general nursing.  In her spare time, Adele enjoys yoga , outdoor activities with her family, as well as looking after 2 dogs and 2 cats. 

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Vicki joined Box Hill Veterinary Hospital in 1995, and is part of the original team. She is friendly, calm, and greets every incoming customer with a ready smile. Her background in vet nursing, public relations, and administration gained in 30 years of work in the vet industry has equipped her well for her multi-functioned role at this practice. She is respected amongst the long term customers for her genuine interest in their pets’ welfare, and she is respected amongst her colleagues for her calming demeanour especially during very busy times. Vicki enjoys being given a wide range of responsibilities, for besides being the chief receptionist, she is also involved in various administrative work. Outside of work, Vicki is kept busy with, golfing, travelling and supporting Collingwood.



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Puppy School Staff


Barb is the convenor of our Puppy Preschool Programme, and has 20 years experience coordinating puppy school classes. She is also a qualified medical , dental and veterinary nurse.

Barb currently breeds and shows the rare Sussex Spaniel, and is a retired breeder of champion American Cocker Spaniels. Her other hobbies include equestrian judging, handicrafts and her grandchildren.



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