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Why is it important to have Pet Insurance for your pet:

“Pet insurance mainly provides cover for veterinary fees if your pet is injured or becomes ill. It can give you peace of mind that you’re in a position to afford all the veterinary care that your pet might need. If your pet has an accident or serious illness, you might need to find some funds in a hurry for medical costs.   Owning a pet is a privilege and providing health care is just one of the expenses you need to prepare for, just like providing food.  The Australian Veterinary Association strongly supports pet insurance." - Australian Veterinary Association


Here are some of the stories from pet owners:

Oscar W is a much loved 11 y.o. Golden Retriever.    When the owners picked up the beautiful pup 11 years ago they did not realise that their dog would have lifelong health issues. So far the veterinary fees for Oscar W is over $30,000, $15000 of which incurred before the pup was 6 months old.   Multiple investigative procedures were needed, including  xrays, MRIs, gastroscopy. In later years Oscar W also needed major operations to alleviate symptoms of arthritis and pain caused by lower back injuries. Mrs L, owner of Oscar W ,said the most important benefit for having pet insurance is NOT having to make difficult decisions regarding their beautiful pet......the choice between the cost of necessary but expensive treatment OR putting their beloved dog down.


Hayley is the proud owner of Patricia since the pup was young.  Being a veteran of the veterinary industry, Hayley realised the important of being able to afford good healthcare for the pup and has pet insurance for Patricia from the start.  This has proved a sound financial decision as Patricia has had health issues early, from suckling difficulties which led to physical and learning developmental problems, to presence of heart murmur at 6 weeks of age, and then cataract problems at 8 weeks of age.  Recently  Patricia under went 2 operations which  totalled over $5000, with  additional associated medial and rehabilitation costs.  Hayley said that her insurance policy covered  80% of the veterinary fees, and the claiming process was simple.


Please contact our clinic staff on 98906071 if you would like further information on pet insurance.

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