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There are very few things that are more distressing than losing a pet.


The current laws in Victoria require cats and dogs to have Council registration and tags. However if your pet loses its collar and tag, (these are the only form of identification), finding your pet again may be difficult. Thus we recommend that your pet should be microchipped.


Microchipping is a permanent, safe and affordable way of ensuring that your pet can find its way home if it ever gets lost, escape or stolen.


The chips are about the size of a small grain of rice and are implanted beneath the skin by a veterinarian. Each chip contains a unique number that is linked to the owner's contact details on a nationally integrated registry, to which only authorised people have access. When a lost animal is found, it is a routine procedure to check to see if a microchip is present, and if so, the chip number is used to access the client's details so the animal can be reunited with their owner.


When you come into the Hospital to have your pet microchipped, we'll ask you for a second contact name and telephone number, in case your pet is lost while you are away from home.


Microchipping can be done at any time, though most people elect to have it done either at a routine vaccination, or while their pet is in hospital for another procedure such as desexing. If you would like the procedure performed, please inform one of our reception staff when you arrive.

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