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Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft tissue surgery encompasses any surgery not directly associated with bones or bony structures. This surgery takes many different forms, as there are many different soft tissues in the body.


The type of surgery also varies with the intention of the procedure. It may be preventative (ie. desexing surgery), curative (ie. abscess surgery), informative (ie. collecting biopsy samples) or palliative (ie. debulking a tumour to make an animal more comfortable).


The actual procedures we perform at the Box Hill Veterinary Hospital include but are not limited to:


  •        Desexings of all species

  •        Cancer surgery

  •        Gastrointestinal surgery

  •        Urinary tract surgery

  •        Biopsies

  •        Abscess treatment

  •        Foreign body removal

  •        Anal gland removal

  •        Eye lid surgery

  •        Facial fold surgery











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